Area access control

BadgeControl is an intuitive, clean and easy area access management tool. Take full control of your work areas, the easy way.



All employers can easily check in via BadgePoint, with automatic NSSO connection. Our web based platform and mobile applications allow for easy management. Wherever, whenever.


Enjoy all advantages of checkinatwork, with added security assets such as complete site enclosure and gates for people as well as vehicles. Your construction site has never been more secure.

Platform & Apps

Manage all of your sites through a central platform, which is accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones and doesn't require additional software. Our smartphone application allows your personal to check in on site through a BadgePoint terminal.


Access & Gating

BadgePoint terminals can be placed at central points on site. Our application renders QR-codes, which allow your employees to check in at work.  All your staff has to do is hold up a smartphone. A link with the NSSO is automatically set up. This way both you, your employers and possible subcontractors fulfill all legal obligations, without anyone having to worry about it.


Additional components

Checkinatwork will save you a lot of time and work, but Badge Control can do even more for your construction sites. Security has never been more important. Badge Control offers LED-lighting on your site, which decreases the risk of both accidents and thefts. In addition, it can provide a hi-res camera surveillance system which can be monitored at all times from the online platform.


How we can improve your work site

Access control


Easily manage your staff and all permitted parties through an online platform and mobile applications.


Our badging solution creates an automatic link between the site, the platform and the NSSO.



Want to keep full control over the site while on the move? With our mobile app, everything you want and need to know is provided with a glance of the eye.

Real-time Attendancy List

Using the application you can find out who's in and who's out in real-time. This allows you to evacuate more efficiantly after emergency situations.